OSAKA STATION CITY New-style touch panel.


To the list

  • Smoking allowed
  • No smoking
  • Private rooms available
  • Tatami mat rooms available
  • Kids menu available
  • Take away available

Japanese food

Today's rice Country in total sai

DELI of the new sense which had complete set of the dish based on "total". The store which treats the Japanese Dishes to which gusto in season, healthy feeling of vegetables and coloring were added. I'll begin KaKe rice on the sign menu and also offer you the deep fried food and the box lunch which can correspond to customer's various needs.
※ opening hours will be sometimes change.

opening hours 08:00 - 22:00
Holiday The regular holiday-lessness
Telephone number. 06-6346-8667

When QR Code is read by smart phone and a cellular phone.
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