OSAKA STATION CITY New-style touch panel.


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  • Smoking allowed
  • No smoking
  • Private rooms available
  • Tatami mat rooms available
  • Kids menu available
  • Take away available

In Kagoshima of sweet potato production Japanese best, a main store, zai, the roast sweet potato speciality store a familiar company develops to the plant, the field and the earth.
The bumpkin who lacked a storage professional person for more than 100 days and was matured long, by twice's original baking processing, the sweetness and gusto, good sweet potato from whole country is being treated focusing on the house brand I got [Satsuma MIRAI] even maximally.
Coffee from ultimate which matches sweets of a potato and potatoes is also recommended.

Telephone number. 06-6151-1490

When QR Code is read by smart phone and a cellular phone.
You can also see map information at the end you have.