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  • Smoking allowed
  • No smoking
  • Private rooms available
  • Tatami mat rooms available
  • Kids menu available
  • Take away available

Western food

Teppanyaki Kiryu

"Kiryu" a season passes for the history of the name.
The delicious taste of the teppan-yaki counter the ingredients in as the name suggests each season can enjoy feel "the pleasant sound an iron plate plays" "the fragrance of the ingredients which bake immediately" "conversation with the chef who does over the counter" by the five senses, and please spend nice time with the family, my company and important people.

opening hours 11:30 - 15:30 Lunch (weekday) (L.O./14:30).
11:00 - 15:30 Lunch (the weekend shuku) (L.O./14:30).
17:30 - 21:00 Dinner (weekday) (L.O./20:00).
17:00 - 21:00 Dinner (the weekend shuku) (L.O./20:00).
Holiday I don't have that.
Telephone number. 06-6347-1438
The budget Lunch 6000 yen-/ dinner of 15,000 yen -.
The number of seats 31 seats
Others * opening hours will be sometimes change in the special period when it's for New Year's.

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