OSAKA STATION CITY New-style touch panel.

Free Wi-Fi Service

To Customer Using JR-WEST Free Wi-Fi at Stations and Commercial Facilities

Free Wi-Fi Service is introduced in total of 11 points centering on each square in the building in OSAKA STATION CITY .
Please enjoy the comfortable internet at customer's favorite place.

*This is the icon of Wi-Fi.

How to use

1. Wi-Fi Settings

Select “JR-WEST Free Wi-Fi” on the Wi-Fi set tings screen of your device, and then start your web browser.

2. Authentication Method Selection

Please choose one of authentication system in a term of service screen.

Enter the details of your SNS account ( ID and password) to complete the authentication.You can now use JR-WEST Free Wi-Fi.

* You can use a Facebook, Twitter or Google account.

Customer's mail Address is input, and it's registered temporarily. The mail which indicated Uniform Resource Locator for registration on the address you registered is sent. In Uniform Resource Locator sent during a temporary registration period (5 minutes), Access, when, authentication completion.You can now use JR-WEST Free Wi-Fi.

A service point (11 points)

When QR Code is read by smart phone and a cellular phone.
You can also see information on this page at the end you have.